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origin story

One of my mother’s favorite hobbies was to make clay creations using polymer clay. While she would never say she was an artist, she cultivated these clay creations using her own unique style and vision, inspired by her love of animals. What started out as a hobby, transformed into a way for her to connect with people and inspire joy through art. My mom passed away in 2020. It was her unique style that inspired me to evolve her Clay Creations and take them to a digital space so everyone could have one of her Clay Creation in their homes.


As the brand continues to grow, LA DOVA X Kyle’s Clay Creations has been renamed LA DOVA CLAY CREATIONS. These collections, that Kyle's daughter has reimagined, breathe life into these hand sculpted Clay Creations by infusing them with movement, and giving them a story. These characters have now taken on a personality and life of their own. I’m excited for you to see their evolution.

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